Gignoo Transition House

The Organization

Gignoo Transition House Inc. was founded in 1992 and first opened its doors to the public in February of 1993.  It is the first and only First Nation safe house in New Brunswick that is comprised of 15 Mi’kmaq and Maliseet communities. We are a not for profit safe haven for First Nation women and children who are experiencing domestic violence; physical, sexual, emotional, mental, spiritual and financial. Gignoo, which means “our house” services all First Nation women and children, who are either on or off reserve, by helping them start their path to healing and eliminate the cycle of violence.

The Project

As Gignoo is a transition house for women who are homeless/ have experienced IPV, the students will research the TRC report as well as the new Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Report to determine how the recommendations in them can be best integrated into the AGM leadership structure and membership at Gignoo. Students will also research how Indigenous women shelters are governed in other countries and Canadian jurisdictions to determine best/common practices. Students will NOT write bylaws. They will research the important considerations and best practices which the Gignoo lawyer can then use to write the bylaws.

The Volunteers

1 student, any year, with a preference to those with a background/experience in Indigenous and Women’s law.

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