PBSC Nationally

Pro Bono Students Canada is a national, multiple-award-winning organization with a chapter in almost every law school in Canada. The first pro bono organization in the country and the only national law student or national pro bono organization in Canada. PBSC has been working with law schools and the bar to deliver high-quality legal services since 1996 and expanding to 22 of Canada’s 23 law schools. We have extensive program expertise and experience designing award-winning access to justice placements that are recognized as having a significant impact on access to justice. Our UNB chapter has been operating since 1999 and has worked hard to build a variety of diverse projects throughout New Brunswick and on the national level.

PBSC-UNB aims to place law students with community organizations in need of pro bono services and fitting into our three driving goals of providing access to justice, enhancing our partner’s capacity and giving students practical educational opportunities. In the 2020 school year we will participate in 20 projects providing countless hours of legal work and increasing access to justice to justice for at need communities and our valued partner organizations.

“one of the most visionary undertakings I have seen in my 40 years at the bar.”

Justice Roaslie Abella

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