How it Works

During the summer, and in collaboration with local partner organizations, PBSC UNB designs pro bono projects serving the legal needs of various communities experiencing barriers to justice.

In September, successful student volunteer applicants will be matched to a PBSC project. During the months of October, November, January, February and March, student volunteers will work at their placement for 3 to 5 hours each week. This work is supervised by a lawyer supervisor.

PBSC projects operate under the following three models.

Legal Research and Writing

Under this model, students may review and monitor pending legislation, write legal memos, analyze current policy questions, or draft media content.

Public Legal Education

Under this model, students may draft and deliver educational materials to the public. For example, a student may create public-facing infographics and FAQ pages. Or, a student may present legal materials during a workshop or seminars.

Client Intake and Assistance

Under this model, students may sit down with clients of Partner Organizations or clinics to collect their personal information and the facts of their case. In some cases, the student may provide the client with legal information or help them complete court forms or other documents.

If your organization could benefit from a partnership with PBSC – please reach out!

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