Stewart McKelvey Wills Project

In partnership with Stewart McKelvey, the Wills Project aims to provide a will and/or a Power of Attorney to those who qualify.

services PROVIDED

Will Drafting

A will is a legal document that spells out your wishes regarding the care of your children, as well as the distribution of your assets after your death. A will protects your assets and affords you and your loved ones peace of mind.

Yet, for many, preparing a will can be a financially difficult step. In partnership with Stewart McKelvey, PBSC UNB will draft your will at zero cost.


The student volunteers assigned to the Wills Project can travel within the community to provide legal information and answer questions regarding Wills or Power of Attorney documents.

Power of Attorney Drafting

A Power of Attorney (POA) is a written document where a person (called the “Donor”) gives another person(s) (called the “Donee(s)”), the authority to act on his or her behalf in relation to property, financial affairs, and/or personal care. A Power of Attorney is sometimes referred to as a “living will.”

Akin to a will, this can also be a financially burdensome legal document. In partnership with Stewart McKelvey, PBSC UNB will draft your POA at zero cost.


Global Assets

Excluding a home, less than $65 000 in global assets.


New Brunswick requires Wills to be signed in-person, meaning all clients will be required to travel to Stewart McKelvey’s office in Fredericton, NB.


Individual or family income less than $35 000.

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