Sexual Violence New Brunswick (formerly FSAC)

The Organization:

Our mission is:

  • To provide information, support, and counselling to those affected by sexual violence (sexual assault, sexual harassment, child sexual abuse, and incest) and dating violence.
  • To work towards the eradication of sexual violence.

Our Anti-Oppression, Feminist-Based Framework:

  • FSAC supports victims of all genders, and recognizes that sexual violence is a form of gender based violence.
  • We recognize that sexual violence is a result of misogyny, patriarchy, and inequality.
  • We recognize that sexual violence can and does happen to anyone, and happens disproportionately to marginalized groups including cis and trans women, children, LGBTQ/ MOGAI people, people of colour, Aboriginal women, immigrant women, sex trade workers, and others.
  • FSAC is trans* inclusive and is committed to maintaining safe spaces for all women.

The Project:

Students will take part in a new initiative within the SVNB program where they will create a report concerning the creation of a victim advocate program within the court system for victims of sexual violence. As the first year of this program, students will first receive training on rape myths and their role in our criminal justice system before attending provincial court proceedings (on a predetermined schedule depending on student and organization availability) and taking notes with respect to how sexual assault charges are treated by various criminal justice actors (judges, prosecutors, defence lawyers, bailiffs, etc.). Students will compile this information into a report on the findings of these note taking court visits. Note- students will NOT perform client-facing work and will have no relation with either parties at court or the advocates/bailiffs/judges. The court they attend will be open to the public. The student visitations are strictly for research purposes. The first several court visitations will be in the company of the lawyer of SVNB until the student is comfortable sitting in court taking notes alone.
The Volunteer:

2 students who are feminist, pro-choice and trans* inclusive.

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