Fredericton Homeless Shelters

Organization The Fredericton Homeless Shelters Inc. provides safe, stable, temporary refuge for individuals experiencing homelessness. We foster a caring and respectful environment that promotes dignity and self-determination. Projects   Students will prepare a plain language public legal education presentation on the rights and obligations someone who is fleeing their home because of IPV will faceContinue reading “Fredericton Homeless Shelters”

Autism Society of PEI

Organization The organization provides information and support to family members, professionals, and individuals affected by Autism, encourages, supports, promotes and advocates for quality education, treatment, services and equipment for persons, and their families, affected by Autism, raises public awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorders and promotes and supports research into the cause and treatment of Autism. Projects   Students willContinue reading “Autism Society of PEI”

Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association Ltd

The Organization The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) was originally formed in the early 1950’s to enable Island fishers to discuss the effects of a proposed trap limit. While holding community meetings across the Island to discuss the issue, fishers soon realized the need for a representative group to express their concerns to governmentContinue reading “Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association Ltd”

Nature Trust of New Brunswick

The Organization Established in 1987, the Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable land conservation organization that is responsible for conserving over 7000 acres (2600 hectares) in more than 50 beautiful and diverse nature preserves throughout the province. The Project The student involved in this project will work with the Nature Trust, highly experienced constitutional lawyer, Gabriel Bourgeois, and IndigenousContinue reading “Nature Trust of New Brunswick”

Downtown Community Health Centre

The Organization FDCHC provides services including illness and injury prevention, chronic disease management, community development, and outreach services, using a population health promotion approach. It is made up of a team of health providers who are all about working together in a collaborative practice with community participation and patient-centred care.This is a teaching facility thatContinue reading “Downtown Community Health Centre”

New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council

The Organization: The New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council (“NBAPC”), but was once called the New Brunswick Association of Metis and Non-Status Indians. The Council is an Off-Reserve Aboriginal voice for approximately 28,260 Status and Non-Status Aboriginal People who reside in the Province of New Brunswick. The Project: The student will research legal governance requirements applicableContinue reading “New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council”