New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council

The Organization:

The New Brunswick Aboriginal Peoples Council (“NBAPC”), but was once called the New Brunswick Association of Metis and Non-Status Indians. The Council is an Off-Reserve Aboriginal voice for approximately 28,260 Status and Non-Status Aboriginal People who reside in the Province of New Brunswick.


The Project:

The student will research legal governance requirements applicable to the NBAPC under the Companies Act, INAC funding agreements and the Canada Labour Code (building on previous pro bono student work in the case of the CLC) as well as the literature on best practices for not-for-profit governance and Indigenous self-governance to inform the NBAPC’s by-law revision process. At the direction of the Board of Directors, the student will prepare drafts of revised by-laws for consideration by the Boards and explanatory memoranda as required.

The Volunteers:

1 volunteer, first years eligible.

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