The Organization:leaf

LEAF litigates and educates to strengthen the substantive equality rights of women and girls, as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Year after year LEAF is working to gain intervener status at the Supreme Court of Canada. The organization’s history includes intervention on numerous cases where interpretation of the law promises to increase or decrease the substantive equality of women and girls. LEAF also advances public understanding of women’s equality rights through education programs administered by its branches.

The Project:

Students will review court databases, legislative sites, and media reports for assigned jurisdictions to identify cases and proposed legislation that may affect women’s equality rights in Canada. They will provide brief case comments or memos on cases/bills of interest, as well as complete occasional short research assignments.

The Volunteer:

1 upper year (should have taken Constitutional law; Administrative law; Legal Research). The student will be working largely independently, and will need to be highly organized. The student must also display a commitment to and understanding of feminist legal principles and equality law.

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