Welcome Back!

Welcome back to another year at Ludlow Hall! To all of our first years, we can’t wait to meet you at the Orientation Pizza Party on September 4th! PBSC-UNB will be running a candy bar for all the new students, and both myself and Andrew Cooper, this year’s Assistant Coordinator, will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

Volunteering with PBSC is a great way to kick of your legal education as your placement will provide you with the kind of practical legal skills that can’t be taught in a classroom. You will also get the opportunity to experience an area of law that may not be offered in the classroom and the chance to network with the local bar. PBSC also allows you to give back to the community-law school is a privilege, and it’s important to remember that when the coursework starts piling on.

We are also hosting an information session on Thursday September 7th at noon in Room 2. We’ll explain more about the structure of PBSC and give you the inside scoop on all of this year’s amazing projects. If that’s not enough to get you there, we will also have free pizza for everyone who attends. (1Ls: take the free food where you can!)

We can’t wait for another awesome year of improving access to justice in Fredericton!




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