Downtown Community Health Centre

The Organization

FDCHC provides services including illness and injury prevention, chronic disease management, community development, and outreach services, using a population health promotion approach. It is made up of a team of health providers who are all about working together in a collaborative practice with community participation and patient-centred care.This is a teaching facility that delivers an integrated program in which primary health care services, teaching, and research are combined. The FDCHC maximizes the health and well-being and minimizes the negative health and social consequences of its clients and communities through strong leadership and partnerships. Ours is a vibrant transformative learning environment and we are a leader in community based research responding to constantly changing needs.

The Project

Inclusionary zoning is the policy which requires a specific number of new buildings to meet a specified need; in this case, low-income housing. Fredericton currently does not have inclusionary zoning for new buildings. This is problematic for creating spaces of secure and affordable housing in the city. The assigned student(s) will research how other jurisdictions across Canada have instituted inclusionary zoning and what that zoning looks like in each area. The final deliverable of the project is a research memo on this material.

The Volunteers

1 student of any year.

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