Nature Trust of New Brunswick

Nature Trust of New Brunswick

The Organization

Established in 1987, the Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable land conservation organization that is responsible for conserving over 7000 acres (2600 hectares) in more than 50 beautiful and diverse nature preserves throughout the province.

The Project

The student involved in this project will work with the Nature Trust, highly experienced constitutional lawyer, Gabriel Bourgeois, and Indigenous peoples to research legal questions relating to the Nature Trust’s obligations as a charitable organization to the Canada Revenue Agency, Aboriginal Rights, and relevant legislation such as the Protected Natural Areas Act and the Conservation Easement Act. The student will begin in the fall semester by working in partnership with the student who is working on the Island Nature Trust project, as they are the same material, to do a cross-jurisdictional scan of how co-management is done in other areas of Canada. In the winter semester, the student will work independently from the other student to look at New Brunswick legislation and how that is related to co-management. The final deliverable will be a memo that outlines how co-management can be done in New Brunswick and under the Nature Trust mandate.

The Volunteers

1-2 students with 1 student being an upper year.

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