Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association Ltd

The Organization

The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (PEIFA) was originally formed in the early 1950’s to enable Island fishers to discuss the effects of a proposed trap limit. While holding community meetings across the Island to discuss the issue, fishers soon realized the need for a representative group to express their concerns to government on a host of industry issues.They also recognized the benefit of an organization through which they could communicate between themselves, their communities and with fisher organizations in other provinces. The primary objective was to approach the federal government with one, united voice.

The Project

The proposed project is to look at the set-up of a compensation model for the fishing industry should critical habitats be damaged from an industrial accident or cumulative effects related to the oil, gas, pulp, shipping or other industries that work or discharge into marine environments.

The Volunteers

1 student with a preference to someone who has taken environmental law.

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