Testimonial-AIDS NB

During my 1L year, I had the privilege of working with AIDS New Brunswick as my assigned organization. Alongside my project partner, Andrew Kinley, we were tasked with completing a bylaw review of the AIDS NB Board Manual, ensuring its consistency with the New Brunswick Companies Act as well as current operational practices of the organization. The project provided the opportunity to gain further experience with online legal research tools as we navigated and annotated the appropriate legislation, as well as applied the statute to a real-life organization and its bylaws. Our lawyer supervisor provided encouraging feedback, and it was a pleasure to review our work and discuss ideas with a supportive practitioner.  While law school can be busy, the assignment was manageable, and we were able to coordinate our work plan around exams and the moot. I strongly encourage incoming first years to gain practical legal experience through PBSC, and contribute to resolving the access-to-justice crisis in a meaningful way!


– Julie Daet, 2L Student

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