Island Nature Trust

The Organization:

Prince Edward Island (Canada) is Island Nature Trust’s home and we cherish the land, water and wildlife that make it so special. We are the Island’s first and oldest private land trust, working since 1979 to protect land in PEI and manage it responsibly.

The Project:

The project will consider the ramifications of co-management with Mi’kmaq bands of PEI on lands overseen by the PEI Natural Areas Protection Act (which all PEI lands are protected under). Canada has set up co-management in the areas of several national parks with Indigenous bands who inhabit the area. This project will consider how this can be done in a non-oppressive way by not undermining the Indigenous approach to land, but still serving the needs of the lands under the Island Nature Trust’s control. Students can begin by considering how provincial and federal co-management is currently carried out within Canada. The final deliverable will be a memo outlining this subject.

The Volunteers:

One student who is a second or third year student as there are some courses preferred.

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