IMPRINT Trans ID Clinic

The Organization: 

The IMPRINT Trans* ID clinic is a returning partner organization which seeks to support those looking to change name and gender markers within governmental IDs.

The Project:

The 2019-2020 year represents the second phase in our Trans ID clinic. This portion of the project will be a transition into a clinical setting at a yet to be determined location on a regular basis, the frequency of which will be determined through the planning process.


The Trans ID Clinic provides free legal information, form-filling services and referrals in a learning space that strives to be trans-positive, non-judgemental, anti-oppressive and inclusive. The supervised clinic will provide legal information to clients in various stages of transition to assist in both legal name change and gender marker change to reflect their true identity explaining the forms, and complicating factors such as being outside of the province of birth, fees and publication of name changes. Information on change will include all necessary steps and procedures required by the laws and regulations of New Brunswick. The clinic will also provide legal information to the best of our knowledge and not beyond, on the issues surrounding changing one’s name and gender marker in other facets of life such as school and workplaces as well as the navigation of other forms of identification. PBSC law student volunteers and lawyers from the community work collaboratively to assist trans and gender diverse individuals with obtaining new pieces of identification. We will apply for a fee waiver to cover the fees of birth certificate name changes, but if this does not get accepted, other fundraising options will be explored.


The clinic will take place within the Public Library’s Gannon Room which is accessible and has been used before for tax clinics. Clients will be able to book a time prior to the clinic using the online booking form or contacting PBSC UNB directly. There will also be some space for walk-ins if they are willing to wait. The schedule of these clinics is to be determined based on lawyer, student and Imprint availability.

The Volunteers:

4 students preferred, clinic positions may be assigned to upper year students. There is also a volunteer coordinator.














After a difficult campaign led by the Fredericton Youth Feminists, the district has also developed a Sexual Violence policy. Unfortunately, it seems that the approach to educating staff and enforcing this policy is taking a similar route as the LGBT policies. Key stakeholders were not informed when the policy was released, and thus far no further action has been taken by the DoE beyond releasing the policy. As sexual violence is a concern for the LGBT community we are also very invested in ensuring that this policy is used appropriately.

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