Canadian Civil Liberties Association – Rights Watch Blog

The Organization:

The Canadian Civil Liberties Associations is an independent, nongovernmental organization which works in the courts, before legislative committees, in the classroom and in the streets to protect the rights and freedoms of Canadians as entrenched in the Constitution. The CCLA fights for the civil liberties, human rights, and democratic freedoms of all people across Canada. Working in partnership with PBSC, the CCLA maintains the Rights Watch blog, which is a useful tool for keeping people informed on timely civil liberties issues. This is an on-going project, and former volunteer Heidi Boudreau had this to say:

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association supports a Pro Bono project in each Canadian law school. As part of the project, I attended a conference on civil liberties in Toronto with law students from across the country. At the conference we received training and enjoyed presentations on various civil liberties and human rights issues. Each school is assigned a region to follow and the students blog about the civil liberties issues within that region. We were assigned New Brunswick but the previous year the University of New Brunswick students were assigned to follow Newfoundland. The blogging requires keeping up to date with civil liberties issues and requires time management to keep up to date on the blogging. The position helped to develop my advocacy skills by giving me the ability to write opinion pieces on issues of personal interest.

The Project

Students selected for this project will undergo online training to become familiar with the technical aspects of blogging software as well as the legal pitfalls of blogging. Following training, the student will be assigned a specific area to follow such as developments at their provincial legislature or at their province’s courts. Students will be expected to monitor the news weekly, and are required to blog once a week on any developing news which is of interest. Canadian-Civil-Liberities-Association-logo

This project would be a great fit for anyone with an interest in civil liberties issues or who has experience blogging. One or two students will be assigned to this project, with preference going to upper year students. However, all interested students are encouraged to apply.

For more information on the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, please visit their website or Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out the Rights Watch blog!

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