Testimonial: Nature Trust of New Brunswick

“In my first year, I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Nature Trust of New Brunswick. I researched the legislation and regulations surrounding conservation easements in New Brunswick, and drafted a policy guide for the Nature Trust. This project was hugely beneficial to my legal education, as it gave me the opportunity to actually use my legal research skills in a real-world setting. It also gave me the opportunity to explore an area of law that had not been discussed in any of my classes. Both the organization and the lawyer supervisor were very engaged and provided me with more than enough support. The organization loved having student volunteers, and I always felt very welcome and involved. Working with PBSC is a great networking opportunity-not only do student volunteers interact with local lawyers and organizations, but it also provides volunteers with the chance to work with other law students who are interested in access to justice issues. Overall, working with both the Nature Trust and PBSC was an incredibly rewarding experience that allowed me to both develop my legal skills and contribute to the community in a positive and meaningful way.”

-Natalie Feltrin, 3L

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